“Thank you so much for putting together a very comprehensive and easy to understand guide to refurbishments!” Emily Webster
“A great read now on my 'best books' reference pile!” Kevin Hunt
“Excellent book really well presented, thank you” Marie Ellis
“Great book, definitely recommend it” Beverley Locket
As Featured In Your Property Network Magazine
As Featured In Your Property Network Magazine
“Thank you so much for putting together a very comprehensive and easy to understand guide to refurbishments!” Emily Webster
“A great read now on my 'best books' reference pile!” Kevin Hunt
“Excellent book really well presented, thank you” Marie Ellis
“Great book, definitely recommend it” Beverley Locket
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Why Is The Refurbishment Handbook So Important?

And why should you have a copy to hand at all times...

For over 30 years I've Project Managed and overseen in excess of 1000 property refurbishments and renovations and what i've learned and experienced in this time has allowed me to create a framework that can be repeated, time and time again to save you countless hours of stress and unnecessary expense.
Believe me, I bare the scars so you don't need to!

This process applies whether your project is a small kitchen / bathroom refurbishment or a multi-million pound conversion of offices into apartments and everything in between.

Who Will Benefit From Reading This Handbook?

Whether you're new to the world of property investment and refurbishment or more experienced, this handbook is packed full of useful and proven tips and advice to help you on your property refurbishment journey. 
Property refurbishment can be highly stressful at times, often with the profitability of the whole deal hanging in the balance. With over 1000 refurbishments under his belt, Martin knows a thing or two about successfully running a project on time and to budget. 

If all this handbook does is give you confidence that you're doing all the right things then it will significantly reduce your stress levels. If you learn a thing or two, then you'll save money, time and prevent unnecessary stresses as the refurbishment project hits issues. 

The stress and expense is preventable if you follow Martin's advice in this handbook.

Fed Up With Your Property Refurbishments Running Over Time & Over Budget?

You're not alone...

Picking the wrong investment property, spiralling costs, employing the wrong builder and taking too long. These are all things that we're likely to experience at some point on our property refurbishment journey. So why wait for it to happen? Why not leverage 30 years worth of experience, condense the time that it takes to learn how to avoid these critical issues and start making smart, profitable!
There are many factors that can contribute to a project running over time or over budget and in this book Martin tackles the ones that in his experience can make or break a property refurbishment project.

What Can You Expect From The Refurbishment Handbook?

Let's unpack a few of Martin's favourite chapters...

If you follow the tips and tricks in this handbook you will have a more profitable refurbishment project which finishes on time and with a lot less stress. With over 30 years experience there's very little that Martin has seen or experienced within property refurbishment and construction. Here is a selection of some of the amazing content you'll find covered in this FREE Refurbishment Handbook.
  • Chapter Two: Finding your ideal property to refurbish
  • Chapter Three: Deal appraisals
  • Chapter Five: Writing specifications
  • Chapter Seven: Comparing builder's quotations
  • Chapter Eight: Appointing builders
  • Chapter Ten: Working with builders

You'll Also Get Our 30 Day

100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in the quality of this handbook that If you aren't completely satisfied after reading the handbook and more motivated to start improving your property refurbishment processes, then we'll refund your P&P, no questions asked.

Start Protecting Your Refurbishment Profit Today

Everything you learn in this guide can be implemented immediately...

From the moment your copy of The Refurbishment Handbook arrives, you can start taking action and improving the quality of your refurbishment projects. These tried and tested but simple to follow frameworks mean there's no delay between you receiving your copy of the handbook and you getting results. 
Thank you for your interest in my Refurbishment Handbook. I've been blown away by the positive feedback I've received from hundreds of people, ranging from new Property Investors to experienced Property Renovators. 

This book is a great stepping stone for many venturing into property refurbishment and often a timely reminder to the more experienced about the power of keeping it simple and following the framework. I’ll be sharing with you my blueprint process that has been tried and tested on over 1000 projects over the last 30 years and that I use every day to keep my own projects running on time, on budget and without the stress.

I hope you enjoy the Refurbishment Handbook and look forward to supporting you on your property refurbishment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book for new property investors? 
Yes, as it will help you to understand the process of refurbishing a property, ensuring that things run as smoothly as possible.
Is this book for experienced property investors? 
Yes, because it will help to refine your processes to ensure that your projects run more efficiently and effectively. 
How many pages are in the book? 
88 info packed pages. You'll find Martin's process, case studies, example documents etc.
Do I need to read the whole book in one go? 
No, we designed it as a handbook that you can dip in and out of as a reference guide. It’s spiral bound to allow you to put it down part way through without a bookmark.
How quickly will I receive the book? 
Our team generally post books out within 48 hours of ordering, in the unlikely event that you haven’t received it within 7 days please send an email to
Can you send this book abroad? 
We currently only ship this to UK addresses.
Is there an audio version of the book? 
Not currently, but it’s in production and we will let you know when it’s available.
Is this book really FREE? 
Yes it is, you just pay post and packing. We are really keen to help Property Investors with their refurbishments and the book is the easiest and quickest way for them to get started. Martin is on a mission to help and support fellow investors.
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