The Ultimate Coaching Programme For Property Investors Who Want To Self Manage Profitable And Stress Free Refurbishment Projects
"This program is the program that keeps on giving. We used a tip Martin gave us to identify an issue with a property. We were able to negotiate with the seller to have the work done, at their expense, by our builders before exchange, saving us around £1000. Not a bad ROI on my investment for this tip alone". Kevin Cope
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Why I Had To Create The Refurbishment Masterclass

As a highly experienced Project Manager (someone who looks after the whole project from start to finish), what's become clear to me over the 1000 refurbishment projects that I've been involved in is just how little Property Investors know about the construction process.
I've had clients show me projects that they didn't know they needed planning permission for, and clients who din't realise that building regs. approval was needed. In most cases I had clients who had unrealistic budgets for the works that they wanted to carry out. 

I realised that I could add far more value to these property investors, people just like you, by working with them and sharing my 30 years of experience. So I decided to become a Coach and a Consultant, documenting everything I'd learned about running a successful, profitable property refurbishment project and creating this incredible online course. 
I've now trained hundreds of fellow Property Investors in how to protect their Time, Money and Sanity during their property refurbishment projects and I hope to be able to do the same for you.

Money Back Guarantee

We've had such an amazing response to this course that we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with our Refurbishment Masterclass in the first 14 days and providing that you haven't consumed more than 25% of the course content, then we will happily refund your payment in full.

Money Back Guarantee

We've had such an amazing response to this course that we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with our Refurbishment Masterclass in the first 14 days and providing that you haven't consumed more than 25% of the course content, then we will happily refund your payment in full.

What's Included In The Refurbishment Masterclass?

And why this programme will prevent you from being held hostage by builders...

When you sign up to the Refurbishment Masterclass your access will appear in your Private Members area, or the Refurbishment Toolkit as we like to call it. This training programme is a detailed and in depth look at ALL of the key components required to not only run a successful refurbishment project, but to also manage relationships, budgets, specifications and so on. 
  • Lifetime Access: You'll receive lifetime access to the Refurbishment Toolkit Members Area, so you'll be able to keep referring back to the training in the future.
  • 11 Modules / Training Videos: You'll receive access to all of my training videos in which I cover Finding Your Property, Making Money From Defects, Costing Your Project, Getting The Most From The Project, Specifications, Finding & Appointing Builders, Secrets of Working With Builders, Planning & Sequencing Works and Managing Budgets.
  • Facebook Group: As a Refurbishment Masterclass customer you qualify for access to the Refurbishment Mastery closed Facebook group. Here you'll be able to share ideas, get support and engage with the Martin's community.
  • Refurbishment Handbook: You'll get a FREE digital copy of my handbook, dropped straight into the members area for you.
  • Sample Documents: Sample Specifications, Sample Contracts and Refurbishment Checklists.
  • Downloadable Worksheets & Exercises: Each module and training video is accompanied by a worksheet or exercise to support your learning and guide you to the result.
  • Factsheets: You'll get access to a whole suite of Factsheets that you can use to support your property refurbishment education. These information packed factsheets are a powerful resource for anyone getting into property refurbishment.
  • ​Bonus Content: From time to time we will be dropping new FREE or sample content into the Refurbishment Toolkit Members Area for you to try and utilise. This could include, checklists, how to guides, videos etc.
  • Early Bird Offers: As a Refurbishment Masterclass customer and member of the Refurbishment Toolkit Members Area, you will qualify for early bird offers on new products and launches.
  • Monthly Q&A: As a member of the closed Facebook group, you will be able to join Martin on his free monthly group Q&A Facebook Lives.  

Total Value: £1950
You Pay Just £297!!

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Here's What Our 
Customers Said About:
“Just to let you know that I signed up to the masterclass and have been very impressed so far. I think you’ve already saved me thousands by giving me a much better understanding and things I didn’t even think about...” – Lee
“The content of the course has been amazing, there's so much more content than I was expecting... If I'd have done this course a year ago I think I would have saved about £20,000!” – Martin Taylor

Martin Rapley
Founder of Refurbishment Mastery

What If All This Course Did Was Save You Time, Money and Stress?
The feedback from our customers (Property Investors just like you) has been that they wish they'd of taken this course BEFORE they started their refurbishment project. It doesn't take long to work through but the impact it can have is huge. We've saved people tens of thousands of pounds in some cases, protected peoples time and significantly reduced the stress factors around their refurbishment projects.  
Still not sure if this is for you?
  • IT IS FOR YOU IF   You are ready to carry out refurbishments the way the professionals do
  • IT IS FOR YOU IF   You want to save time, money and sanity on your refurbishment projects
  • IT IS FOR YOU IF   You want to enjoy the process of managing the works with less stress
  • IT IS FOR YOU IF ​  You have a property coach or mentor to guide you in your journey but they don't have in depth knowledge of refurbishment
Remember You Get All Of This For Just £297 On This Page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this programme for new property investors? 
Yes as it will take you through the whole refurbishment process from start to finish
Is this programme for experienced property investors? 
If you have carried out lots of successful refurbishments then it's not for you, however if you think you could have done better then you will definitely get some benefit from this course
Do I need to have found a property to refurbish before joining this programme? 
Definitely not, in fact the course will help you to ensure that you are buying the best property at the best price
I get the same builder to carry out all of my refurbishments, why do I need this programme? 
Remember that builders are good at building not necessarily property investing, this course will teach you how you can add value to the processes
How do I access this programme? 
It’s all on video that you will have lifetime access to
How long will I need to watch the video? 
The whole course is about 3.5 hours long, broken down into 12 bite sized videos
Do I need to watch all of the videos in one go? 
No, they can all be watched individually which means you can easily refer back to the right video when you reach that stage of the process
How quickly will I receive the videos? 
You will receive the access link immediately upon receipt of payment so you can be watching the first video in less than 5 minutes time
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